At TURTLEE ORGANICS, our mission is to create and support equality and make everyone feel welcome in our workplace. we believe diversity and different points of view coming from diverse backgrounds have a big impact on businesses to be successful and to be appealing to everyone. We advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion(DEI) and see it as one of the core principles of our company. We are working to create and provide opportunities for everyone for a better world and encourage everyone to practice this in their daily life.


Turtlee Organics is compliant with COSMOS ORGANIC standards and was certified by COSMOS ORGANICS. COSMOS standards encourage and support sustainability, biodiversity, and ethnically sourced ingredients. Thus, to comply with this the companies which work with us should apply fair trade regulations. Turtlee Organics advocates Farmers, production plants, and brands should operate by these standards and apply no-child labor and fair pay policy. Turtlee Organics is strongly opposed to child labor and is committed to a fair, transparent, and objective pay policy and free from bias of gender.


We are certified cruelty free and vegan by PETA and Nanocert.  We comply with COSMOS Organics' strict sustainability standards.

Our certification from Etko/COSMOS, an independent global certification organization, ensures that our products and the ingredients we use are genuinely organic and manufactured following the most stringent sustainability practices. Every aspect, including ingredients, manufacturing facilities, and packaging materials, undergoes a thorough review, approval, and auditing process by Etko/COSMOS. By subjecting our products to this independent assessment and accreditation, we provide our customers with the assurance that our products are truly organic and produced in a sustainable manner.

COSMOS Organic certification ensures the following commitments: conscientious utilization of natural resources, preservation of biodiversity, absence of GMOs, petrochemicals, artificial colors, and artificial fragrances, employment of recyclable packaging, and adherence to cruelty-free practices.

COSMOS organic standards mandate a thorough assessment of each ingredient to guarantee ethical and sustainable sourcing from natural/organic origins. The certification process involves conducting annual audits on all registered brands and manufacturers to ensure adherence. This includes inspecting farm fields and processing facilities, maintaining detailed records, and periodically testing soil and water to ensure compliance with the strict standards.

Moreover, the organic farming techniques employed in harvesting our ingredients contribute to a safer and more sustainable environment for everyone. Organic farming eliminates the use of synthetic pesticides and reduces nitrogen pollution, benefiting water sources, wildlife, and people. These sustainable practices result in decreased pollution, less soil erosion, and lower energy requirements.

Reducing Our Carbon Foot-print  By 

  • Avoiding air freight
  • Encouraging home office to decrease use of electricity and gas
  • Committing to utilizing materials in the primary and secondary packaging that are recycled, recyclable, refillable, or biodegradable whenever feasible.