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What You Didn't Know About Fluoride

  • Fluoride is a poison used in rat and insect poisons in the 19th century and even has no antidote.
  • It cannot be excreted after it is taken into the body and continues to accumulate as it is added to the body.
  • When used continuously, the chemicals in it seriously reduce brain power and IQ.
  • Sodium Fluoride is a neurotoxic substance that damages the pineal gland the most.
  • It has been observed that fluoride destroys all brain and nerve cells, causing low intelligence in the brain, impaired perception, and Alzheimer's-like memory disorders.
  • Sodium fluoride also causes hormonal disorders; impotence, infertility and prostate cancer in men,
  • In women, early puberty can cause breast and uterine cancer, birth defects and fetal death.
  • There are findings that Sodium Fluoride can cause cardiovascular diseases, allergies, and increase the risk of bone cancer by 2-7 times, especially in children, since it reduces the strength of bones.
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